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Apollo Vacuum Tube Solar Geysers

  • New technology for South Africa, but used extensively in Europe for many years and ideal for our climate.

  • Water Temperature can reach 90 degrees Centigrade and can withstand temperatures well below -30 degrees Centigrade. Therefore eliminates Freezing issues experienced by outdated Flat Plate Technology, hence no longer requires ongoing maintenance.

  • Optional back-up electrical element ensures you will have hot water during rainy and adverse weather conditions and at same time ensuring you will always have hot water.

  • Pleasing appearance. Can be mounted on flat or pitched roof.

  • Expected Lifespan of vacuum tubes: 15 to20 years

  • Saves an average of 40 % of a normal household electricity bill (Pay-Back period, only 2 ½ to 3 years )

  • Good investment. Payback period 21/2 to 3 years. thereafter saves up to 50% electricity on your household bill and helps save the environment.

  • Uses Heat Pipe Technology which ensures the vacuum tubes do not contain water, and a circulating pump is not required.

Apollo High Pressure Solar Heater System

  • Most suited for Urban areas which have a high water pressure source available.

  • Working pressure for High Pressure Solar Geysers is 4 Bar (Kpa) …..(Water pressure outlet for Hot Water will be the same as the Incoming Pressure)

  • Can be installed as a Pre-Heater to existing geyser or as stand-alone (recommended for first time geyser/s e.g. for new home.)

  • As Stand-Alone, a Back-Up Element can be installed to cater for Poor Solar Weather (this guarantees you`ll always have a minimum temperature that Thermostat is set to)

  • As a Pre-Heater, does not require a Back-Up Element as existing Electric Geyser Element fulfils this need.

  • Due to the Heat Pipe Technology, There is no water inside the Vacuum Tubes. So even if a Vacuum Tubes is broken, no water can leak out.

Apollo Low Pressure Solar Water Heating System

  • Most suited for Rural areas* and where the water supply pressure is low (2Bar or less)

  • The “Low Pressure” refers to the outlet pressure which is determined by Gravity. (the higher above ground level the solar geyser is situated, the greater the Outlet Pressure)

  • * Can be used in urban areas as well, though Shower Pressure will be a lot lower.

  • The Low pressure Geysers cost a lot less than the High Pressure geysers and some models have provision for a Back-Up Element to be fitted.

  • This system has a small Filler Tank with Float Valve fitted. The inlet water supply enters the Filler Tank which feeds the main solar storage tank and switches off by means of the float valve when full.

Apollo Split Solar Geyser System

NB. Any existing normal electric household geyser can be converted to solar with a Split system

  • The panel is connected across an existing electric geyser.

  • A circulating pump is fitted and circulates water from Geyser Tank through the Panel Manifold and back to geyser tank. Water is heated as it flows through the manifold.

  • The Vacuum Tubes contain copper Heat Pipes which contain a Heat Transfer Liquid which vaporises and flows to the uppermost tips of the heat pipes which are plugged into the manifold and heat it up to a high degree.

  • Due to the Heat Pipe Technology, There is no water inside the Vacuum Tubes. So even if a pipe is broken, no water can leak out.

  • The main advantage of this Split System is, aesthetically, it is more pleasing. The storage tank is situated below the roof.
  • The Circulating Pump may be connected to the 220volt mains supply or can have its own Solar panel to run it independently of the Mains Power Supply.

A Geyserwise controller is included with every Apollo Split solar system installed

Used as a timer and differential control on a pumped solar system:

  • Clear display of water temperature, time of day, heating mode and malfunction conditions on solar system and geyser.

  • Auto or manual heating

  • Easy temperature setting to your requirements (30 – 65°C) factory default is 55°C

  • Four different temperature settings

  • Daily programmable timer with four time settings

  • Error conditions alert by warning code E2 to E5 and E7 to E9

  • Electronic thermostat with mechanical thermal cut-out at 90°C

Pool Solar Heating

Pool Heating – Heliocoil Heat Pumps

Enjoy your SWIMMING POOL all year round* with an Alliance Heat Pump pool heater – at a third of the cost of electrical heating!

Most pool owners rarely use their pools for more than 4 months a year due to the water being too cold. But with an Alliance Heat Pump Pool Heater, you can enjoy your pool whenever you like – even all year round* – and at an economical cost! Your installer will advise on the correct size of Heat Pump for your pool, and a pool blanket will also be required for the set temperature to be maintained.

  • Heat your pool to 30º+ for a fraction of the cost of an electric heater.
  • Maximises year-round enjoyment of your pool. (Note that a pool blanket is required tomaintain temperature.)
  • Alliance’s neat weatherproof unit is quickly and easily installed near your pool – no large unsightly solar panels required.
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger guards against corrosion.
  • Extremely competitively priced.
  • Adds to the value of your home.

Cost-effective pool heating

The reason an Alliance Heat Pump Pool Heater is so cost-effective is because it doesn’t use a current gobbling electric element to heat. Instead it works by compressing a gas within a closed-circuit.

This creates heat which is then transferred to your pool water via a heat exchanger. Further round within the closed-circuit, the compressed gas passes through an evaporator and becomes extremely cold, while a fan blows outside air over the piping.

The cold gas then absorbs ‘free’ heat from the air which is then transferred back into the pool water after the gas is compressed again. To run the compressor and fan takes only as little as 1.5 to 3 kilowatts of electricity per hour.

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